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Syma X1 Review – Best Drone for Kids and Beginners

When learning how to fly a drone for the first time, it’s important that you don’t spend too much money right off the bat. You want to hone your skills inexpensively until you’re ready to move up to an expensive model. The Syma X1 Quadcopter is the perfect model for this.

syma x1 review

Syma X1 Reviews:

This relatively cheaper RC drone offers reasonable flight time, is easy to control, and can take a few beatings. In this review, we’ll talk about everything this quadcopter has to offer – advantage and disadvantage.

Drone Features:

Quad with 3 Axis Gyros. The quad is available in 3 different styles. Spacecraft, UFO flying saucer, and bumble bee.The transmitter is a 4 channel 2.4GHZ and uses 4 AA batteries. It doesn’t have a backlit LCD.The quad will flip in High Rate (H) and Low Rate (L). Low Rate (L) is the default.

The quadcopter can flip by holding down the “C” button on the Tx and then pushing the rudder stick the direction you want the quad to flip.The quad is quiet. I was expecting it to be much louder.

Now I should make its main features clarify to you. The drone is equipped with 3-Axis gyros that makes the drone easier to fly to control. The Syma X1  flies really smooth and it is equipped with crash resistant ability.

Syma X1 Battery Life and Flight Time:

It has a stock battery of up to 367 mAh and gives a long flight time of more than 8 minutes. 8 minute of flying time is really good for a toy drone. Still if you want to extend its flight time, buy few additional batteries.

Ease of use and Flying:

The remote control makes flying relatively simple and straightforward. While flying still requires a slight learning curve, it’s not nearly as difficult as other quadcopters on the market. In fact, this model would probably make a great first model for beginners. Bottom line is, any one can fly this drone, even if you are a beginner. As the drone is equipped with 3 axis gyro that makes the drone flying experience really easier. The drone is crash resistant also. So you can fly it break free. No matter how old are your kid is, I think he or she can fly it.

Syma X1 Camera Quality and Video Recording:

It cannot take any pictures or videos as it does not have any inbuilt camera in it. Do not be so shocked. The drone is basically a Toy copter and designed for kids mainly. That is why the drone cost so low.

The Good in Syma X1

  • 3-Axis gyros
  • Very stable and smooth flying
  • Responsive to the rate switch set to High (H)
  • Very crash resistant

The Bad in Syma X1

  • The transmitter is small. If you have big hands like I do the Tx will feel too small.
  • The Tx range is short. I read it has a range of about 100 feet. I will do a range test when I can.

Syma X1 Pricing:

If you are looking for a drone less than $50 then this is a perfect one without a doubt!

Customers’ Review:

Most Syma X1 users agree that this model is a great choice for beginners. While the vast majority of users found that it was easy to fly, there were a few that had a hard time flying. They felt the helicopter was unstable or difficult to control.

This could have been because of a defect, or it could have been because the user was inexperienced. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that learning how to fly any new RC helicopter will take some practice. Unless you have a lot of experience, you’ll be spending some time learning how to fly the X1. Read all reviews here. 

Review Conclusion:

The X1 comes fully assembled, so you’ll be able to fly it straight out the box without any prior experience required. If you’re an absolute beginner, it may take a few days until you’re completely comfortable behind the controls. But the great thing about flying quadcopters is that the learning process is quite fun! Overall, the Syma X1 Quadcopter is the perfect model for newbies who are trying to learn without spending too much money upfront. Click here to know about top ten beginner drones with camera.

Abir Das is a content marketer of Drones, UAVs and Quadcopters. A writer by profession, an aerial flyer by passion.

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