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Syma S107G Reviews – Most Durable Helicopter for Beginner Pilots

The Syma S107G is an RC helicopter great for beginners. The drone is built to survive some heavy crashes without suffering from major damage.It is constructed with all-metal frame and sporting double circuit protection. The Syma S107G was designed for beginner pilots in mind.

syma s107g review

Syma S107G Reviews:

Here is the complete in depth review of Syma S107G.

Drone Features:

There are two selectable frequencies which will let you fly up to two helicopters simultaneously. Amazing Technology in the palm of your hand! Syma Newest Model S107 3CH Gyro RTF Metal RC Helicopter. No assembly required, ready To fly! Equipped with the latest Gyroscope technology. Its color and frequencies may vary. It has full 3 Channels for Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward and Backward.

The drone’s controller has 2 switches: an on/off switch, and an A/B channel switch that enables two Syma S107G helps to fly in the same room by using different channels. There’s also 2 joysticks. The left one controls altitude by increasing/decreasing rotor spin, and the right stick turns the heli left, right, forwards or backward.

Above features are all technical. Let me make its features little clearer to you. The drone is ready to fly since the moment you receive the parcel. The drone has the ability to for 30 inch. Well, the drone is mainly designed for indoor flying only. So not to mention it additionally Syma S107G RC Helicopter is nothing but a toy drone.

Syma S107G Battery Life and Flight Time:

A 25-30 minutes charge is equal to an 8-12 minutes flight time. Recharging takes place via the transmitter or USB cable. The transmitter has an Alignment Trim, a Charging, and Power. It also has an Indicator, a Left/Right Lever and a Trimmer. It consists of a lightweight lithium polymer battery. A toy drone which can fly for around 10 minutes is not bad at all. Still if you want to extend its flight time, buy additional batteries. On the other hand its battery charged up time is really fast.

Ease of use and Flying:

This drone is suitable for indoor flying only. The Syma S107G, like most small RC helicopters, is prone to the wind, with only small gusts causing a loss of control in many situations. The strong metal frame gives the Syma S107G great strength and helps avoid any damage during the inevitable crashes.

Syma S107G Camera Quality and Video Recording:

Syma S107G drone has no inbuilt camera in it. Therefore it does not capture any HD quality pictures or videos.

The Good in Syma S107G

  • You can crash the aircraft repeatedly and it keeps on flying.
  • Standard battery life and flight time.

The Bad in Syma S107G

  •  Without decent speeds or lateral movement, flying the S107G can be a plodding experience.
  • The drone is not equipped with inbuilt camera.


Syma S107G Pricing:

The S107G is a great beginner helicopter for anyone wanting a cheap start in the hobby, is performs great, is a great price and is very durable. It can be picked up below for under $20. The S107G also comes in an assortment of colors to suit anyone.

Customers’ Review:

The customers of this drone felt that it gives lots of fun for all ages. Best Indoor Helicopter/drone. In Amazon, it has 63% of 5star rating and 17% of four-star rating. So overall the drone has  80% positive reviews. Read all reviews. 

Review Conclusion:

The Syma S107G is the most durable, easy-to-fly helicopter we reviewed, but its slow speeds and dull movement dampen the fun of flight. The Syma S107G is perhaps the best beginner RC helicopter we reviewed, thanks to its easy flight and unflinching durability. For anyone looking to break into the RC hobby, however, it’s a poor substitute for more advanced aircraft; infrared transmission and 3.5 channels drag down what might have otherwise been an impressive machine. As a toy, though, it’s a great gift, especially if you’re looking for something small that’s sure to delight loved ones.

To find out more beginner drones at your budget, click here to view Best Beginners, Photography & Professional Drones & Ultimate Buying Guide. For any other Syma S107G related quarries feel free to leave us a mail. If you had a good or bad time while flying the drone, you can also share your experience by using the comment box below.

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