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SYMA S033G Review – Ideal RC Helicopter for Beginners

SYMA S033G is made by Gyro Metal Frame which has 3 coaxial channel. The drone is designed for indoor flying only. The helicopter is ready to fly since you receive the package. Today I will reveal an in-depth review analysis of SYMA S033G.

SYMA S033G Review

SYMA S033G Review

In the below section you will find a complete review of SYMA S033G copter.

SYMA S033G Features:

SYMA S033G is a 3.5 channel RC helicopter that is ready to fly since you got the package. However, the drone has designed for indoor use only. In the below section, you will find its main features:

  • Stylish design
  • Sleek structure
  • Ready to fly
  • 7.4V 1500 mAh Battery
  • All-round 3 channel control
  • Advanced intelligent balance system
  • 3 Channel gyroscope
  • Electronic fine-tuning,
  • Super stability
  • Digital 3D remote control
  • Power saving mode available

The drone looks very stylish. You can say, it exactly look similar to miniature form of real helicopter. The drone is really handy and you can fly it since the moment you receive the parcel. SYMA S033G quad copter is powered by a 7.4V and 1500 mAh Battery. The drone is controlled with a 3 channel controller.
When it comes to the ease of its flying, the drone is equipped with advanced intelligent balance system . The drone also has 3 Chanel gyroscope. The drone can be controlled with a digital 3D remote control. SYMA S033G has also inbuilt with power saving mode.

SYMA S033G  Battery Life and Flight Time:

The RC helicopter is equipped with 7.4V 1500 mAh Battery. You might disappoint with its flight time, which is limited from 12 to 15 minutes. Well, 15 minutes of flying time is not bad at all. Still if you want to fly the drone for a extended period of time than normal, I would like to suggest you buying 3 to 5 additional batteries.

Ease of use and Flying:

The helicopter is really easy to fly. Its 3 channel control, advanced intelligent balance system, power saving mode will make your flying really easy. In addition, you can move left – right, forward – backward, fly up – down at your fingertips. Bottom line is, the drone is really easy to fly and one can fly it with the digital 3D remote controller.

SYMA S033G Camera Quality and Video Recording:

The drone has no inbuilt camera. So you cannot capture images or videos with SYMA S033G .

The Good in SYMA S033G

  • 3-Axis gyros
  • Very stable and smooth flying
  • Advanced balance system
  • 3 channel control
  • Full functional
  • Ready to fly
  • Cheap pricing

The Bad in SYMA S033G

  • Poor battery life
  • No inbuilt camera

SYMA S033G Pricing:

The drone is really cheap in pricing. It is fair to say that it is ideally designed for beginners’ flying. You can grab the drone for below $ 50. Are you wondering how come the drone is so low in price? Well, SYMA S033G is mainly designed for kids. The drone does not come up with any in built battery. That is is why the drone is very cheap in price.

Customers’ Review:

The helicopter got 45% of 5-star reviews and 21% of 4-star review. On the other hand, 15% customers are not satisfied with the copter’s performance and an 8% person has given 2-star reviews. The Copter got 11% neutral review. As a resultant, the product got an overall 3.8 star of rating. Read all reviews.  Overall, it is fair to say that the drone got neutral reviews. This drone can be ideal for you, if you are a student of drone flying or kids.

Review Conclusion:

A drone’s worth below $ 50, is ideal for kids and beginners’. So I usually suggest this drone to those who want to learn aerial flying. The drone is not equipped with an inbuilt camera and the fight time is not also up to the mark. However, the drone is really easy to fly and control. You can also check here, the list of our other beginner drones.

So these are all the information that you need to know about SYMA S033G. If you still have any quarries about this drone feel free to leave us a mail. You can also share your experience on fling this drone by using the comment box below.

Abir Das is a content marketer of Drones, UAVs and Quadcopters. A writer by profession, an aerial flyer by passion.

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