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Hubsan X4 Pro Review – Smart Choice Drone for Newbies

HUBSAN X4 Pro is a high-end Quadcopter with 1080P video capturing facility and 3-Axis Gimbal. Just like this, you will find a complete review of HUBSAN X4 Pro review here.

HUBSAN X4 Pro Review

HUBSAN X4 Pro Review

Here is complete HUBSAN X4 Pro Review.

Product features:

The Hubsan X4 pro is a sleek and stylish quadcopter available in two versions – FPV and Deluxe. These versions are different based on the accessories included. Be it any you wanted to buy, it is going to be a super cool flying quadcopter with lots of standard programming incorporated into the drone model. The features included in both the models are:

• GPS autopilot,
• Auto-return to home,
• Programmable waypoint flight and,
• 1080p digital camera.

There is also a transmitter in both the types and differs in both of them. It is 2.4 GHz for RC and 5.8 GHz on FPV/transmission. It weighs around 1Kg and easy to control when flying.

Battery Life and Flight Time:

The Hubsan X4 Pro drone has a high-density flight battery of 7000 mAh, which is compact and good enough to power up the quadcopter. It can fly for 32 minutes, technically called as the flight time. It uses an interference-free ‘2.4GHz tech for flight control and telemetry data’. The drone system also has a GPS, barometer and compass navigation systems included within.

It can be used both in a normal flight mode as well as in an advanced ADC. The Actual Direction Control mode, that moves the X4 Pro in the same direction with the control sticks are moved. The sticks also control the drone’s position and altitude hold features by releasing them. One of the most mind blowing features of this drone, is ‘Return to Home’ which automatically works when the battery goes down or signal lost.

Camera and Video Recording Quality:

Likewise, one another distinctive variants are the camera mounts. The Pro Deluxe adaptation gets a 3-hub gimbal mount, while the Pro FPV variant gets a solitary pivot mount. Both are vibration separated by elastic mounts to take dazzling photographs and videos. A lightweight 1080P HD digital camera is incorporated with both types- with up to an hour of recording time per battery charge.

Video output is in mp4 format, making it use-able on most gadgets, while photograph yield is standard jpg group. This is one decent camera – the last video will give you a glance at the nature of video footage that can be recorded with this HD camera.

The Good in Hubsan X4 Pro:

The Hubsan X4 Pro is a fully assembled drone and consists of a brushless power system. The FPV form still has a decent, quality transmitter, yet its shading screen is small sized and does not have the Android OS. With both the types, you will be satisfied with the comfort and usefulness of the transmitter.

As an overall, Hubsan X4 Pro is a great choice for newbies. However, it will allow you to capture HD photos. You can also check other Top 10 Beginner Drones with Camera.

The Bad in Hubsan X4 Pro:

The drone is little costlier when it compared to other drones with similar features of its kind.

Hubsan X4 Pro Pricing:

Being a newbie when you are looking to buy a quadcopter drone with an inbuilt camera, for around $550, then Hubsan X4 pro can be a wise choice to start your aerial flying.

Customers’ reaction:

One of the customers said that it is a great drone to start with. Another one briefed that it is really a good drone and denied the fact that some people commenting it is a poor drone. It handles really good, great features to control gimbal so that you can fly and move around with the camera at the same time. Read all reviews here. 

Review conclusion:

With a great gimbal angle sensitivity of 0.03 degrees, the X4 Pro will convince those purchasers who are searching for a moderate aerial photography aircraft and ought to have the capacity to give average video calibration. So this all about the Hubsan X 4 review. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and it will help you to make the perfect purchase decision. For any other related question regarding Hubsan  X 4 feel free to use the comment box below.

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