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HUBSAN X4 H107L Review – Ideal Drone for Learning Aerial Flying

HUBSAN X4 H107L is very small in size, so you can call the drone a mini quadcopter. The drone size is just similar to your Smartphone.

Today I will share HUBSAN X4 H107L’s features, battery life and flight time, customers’ reaction and pricing. By the end of this article, you will come to know every small and big details about HUBSAN X4 H107L.

HUBSAN X4 H107L Review

HUBSAN X4 H107L Review:

In the below section you will find the in-depth review of HUBSAN X4 H107L.

Drone Futures:

The model, HUBSAN X4 H107L  generally comes without a camera. That is why this drone comes at very low price. The drone is suggested for kids use, so that they can learn technology, engineering and aerial flying. Its features are listed below:

  • Remote Transmission of 2.4 GHZ frequency
  • 7-volt battery with 30 minutes charging time
  • USB charging by PC
  • 9 minutes of flight time
  • Lightweight
  • 4-ways flip feature
  • Precision 6 axis gyro
  • Ready to fly since when you receive the package

So the bottom lines of HUBSAN X4 H107L are ready to fly by the time you receive the delivery. The drone is able to fly for 9 minutes continuously, which is pretty good for a beginner drone like HUBSAN X4 H107L. On the other hand, you can charge up the drone with a USB from your PC.

HUBSAN X4 H107L Battery Life and Flight Time:

The drone is equipped with a high capacity LiPO battery. You can charge the drone with a USB cable by using your PC. It takes 30 minutes to charge up completely. A fully charged up battery of HUBSAN X4 H107L will allow you to fly the drone for 9 to 10 minutes.

This period of flying time is actually pretty good for a amateur drone like HUBSAN X4 H107L. User can easily charge up the drone by using a USB cable from a PC.

Camera Quality and Video Recording:

Unfortunately, the drone does not come up with an inbuilt camera. Maybe, that is why the company, Hubsan can offer this model of the drone  in cheaper price.  If you want to buy a Hubsan drone with an  inbuilt camera, check out HUBSAN X4 H107C Review .

You need to understand one thing here before buying this drone. The drone is actually made for beginner and kids. So in reality this is a toy drone only. However, you can also buy this for learning aerial flying.

Ease of Use and Flying:

The drone is really small in size.  It weights of 28 grammes only. Due to its lightweight, you can move the drone on your fingertips; however, the drone has a tendency of getting tossed up by the heavy wind. So it is suggested not try to fly this during heavy wind blowing. May be you do not want to loose your favorite tech toy just like that.

The Good in HUBSAN X4 H107L

  • Low price
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Ease of use and fly
  • Easy to carry due to its light weight
  • Fast Charging
  • Charging by PC
  • Standard flight time

The Bad in HUBSAN X4 H107L

  • Due to the light weight of HUBSAN X4 H107L, this drone has a tendency of tossed up in the heavy wind flow.
  • The drone does not come up with an inbuilt camera. You can also consider that as a backdrop.


HUBSAN X4 H107L Pricing:

As I already mentioned, this model of HUBSAN is not equipped with a camera, the price of the drone is really cheaper. You can buy this drone if you have the budget of around $ 30.


Customers’ Review:

No big news, a drone in so lowest price will get many customers. But the big news is, most of the customers are happy and satisfied with the drone. That is why; the drone got an overall 4-star review. However the product got 19% of negative review and 8% of neutral review.  Read all the reviews here. 


Review Conclusion:

This is a good drone for learning aerial flying. The drone is not equipped with a camera. I suggest this drone for beginners, especially for kids. You can also take a look to our  Top Ten Drones for Beginners. Hope the article was helpful to you and it will help you to make the right purchasing decision. For any other related quarries, feel free to contact us by using the comment box below.


Abir Das is a content marketer of Drones, UAVs and Quadcopters. A writer by profession, an aerial flyer by passion.


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