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HUBSAN X4 H107C Drone Review – An Ideal ‘Mini Quadcopter’ for a Newbie

Husban X4 H107C is one of the best mini quadcopters in the market. The drone is very much capable of excellent flying and capturing standard images. Here is the complete review of Husban X4 H107C.

Hubsan X4 H107C Review

Husban X4 H107C Review

Product features:

One of the most outstanding Drone, Husban X4 H107C is one that fits within your hands itself, a mini quadcopter. It will be super fun and easier to make it fly around wherever you go. It’s a very cheap drone but it takes good quality pictures and videos. At this range, the quadcopters usually have just less than 0.5 MP camera but this drone has 2MP camera which is the reason that it gives videos and pictures of world class quality.

This drone has two modes of flying: normal mode and expert mode. In normal mode, you can manually handle its functionality reducing the damage risk because you could limit the speed and aerobatic stability. When you are using expert mode, it goes at full speed and also can do some flips in all directions (front, back, left or right). This is a lightweight drone and weighs a maximum of 50 grammes even when a battery is installed.

Battery life and flight time:

It has a 3.7 Volts and 380mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries which is used to power up RC quadcopters. It has a 4-channel transmitter of 2.4 GHz. In case you’re an apprentice, odds are that you’re going to have what’s coming to you of accidents. When you have an additional arrangement of propellers, and guarantee that you can get back noticeable all around rapidly if the principal ones break down.

Prop guards help to increase the lifespan of your propellers by shielding them from the outside environment. This results in a fairly longer flight time of 8 minutes using the stock battery. This Husban X4 H107C drone is comparatively stable in the category of mini quadcopter models.

Camera and video recording quality:

Reviewing the Hubsan X4 H107C, let us look at the quality of its camera. It has an inbuilt 2MP camera which produces videos of resolution is 720 x 480 pixels, at the rate of 25 fps. The most astonishing feature of this mini quadcopter is nothing but, flying sessions recording will be very easy and straightforward too. You can also insert a micro SD card in this. By pressing the record button, and you can see a red LED light blinking on it.

The good in Hubsan X4 H107C:

  • Best for Indoor flying and can be used outdoor when the weather is good without strong winds.
  • In just a 2 MP camera, takes high-quality pictures and videos.
  • Normal mode is very stable.
  • Durable flyer, using propeller guards.

The bad in Hubsan X4 H107C:

  • NO remote to switch ON or OFF. Buttons on the quadcopter are used for this purpose when the drone is on the ground level.
  • The camera should be closed else the video will be lost turning off the drone.

Hubsan X4 H107C  Pricing:

Are you a newbie?  When you are looking for a mini quadcopter below $50 to gain some experience in aerial photography then the Hubsan X4 H107C is a definite YES to buying one.It is true the drone does  come up with a in built VGA camera, but when you are learning aerial flying, you would not be able to capture photos or video. So learn aerial flying first then start capturing photos or videos, as those are completely different 2 practices. When  you think you have learned aerial flying successfully, you can start capturing photos or videos. The drone also come up with a micro SD card to store your videos.

Customer’s reaction:

A Hubsan X4 H107C buyer says that the drone straight from the case, as a rule, requires some change. Many purchasers were stumbled up by not introducing props on the right side. Every propeller has AorB engraved on it that demonstrates legitimate position which has to be followed carefully. Read full review here. 

Review conclusion:

For a modest tenderfoot drone, you can’t improve than the H107C. Not just would you be able to utilise it to sharpen your flying attitudes, yet you’ll likewise have the capacity to increase some involvement with airborne photography. While recording quality isn’t the best out there, it’s still quite useful at the moderately minimal price.

Abir Das is a content marketer of Drones, UAVs and Quadcopters. A writer by profession, an aerial flyer by passion.

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