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HUBSAN X4 FPV Review – Perfect Choice for Beginners

Hubsan X4 FPV is equipped with a big screen controller that gives the pilot first-individual perspective. It makes the flying really easy. So I generally prefer this drone for amateur use.

If you want to learn aerial photography, then this drone is just perfect for you. The drone also offers live streaming video. In the below section, you will find an in-depth review about this drone.


HUBSAN X4 FPV Reviews:

Here is the complete drone review.

Drone Features:

This drone is really small in size. A 4.7 x 4.6 x 1.25-inch X4 is a little drone for a novice to begin with. The quadcopter has a little camera on board, and a screen on the controller demonstrates the video for a first individual perspective (FPV) from the drone. Details of its features are listed below:

  • Updated 6-axis flight control system
  • Lightweight airframe
  • Live Video Preview
  • 6 Axis Gyro Stabilization
  • Excellent First Person Point of View Flight
  • Standard Camera quality
  • Store your recorded video in an SD card

So let me discuss here the main features of the HUBSAN X4 FPV that will really make the difference. This drone has the ability to transmit live video recording. Which means you will be able to view the live video captured by the drone while flying. However, The camera quality of this drone is not that good. The drone is equipped with a 2 MP camera only.

HUBSAN X4 FPV battery Life and Flight Time:

This amazing drone has a minimal plastic case which packs a 380 mAh lithium polymer battery. The battery fits into the back portion of the drone’s body, sliding between the electronic parts. There is no on/off switch for the drone: you control the X4 on by associating the battery link, unplugging that link to turn it off. The flight time of this little drone  is 6 minutes.

Ease of use and Flying:

There is a considerable measure of force in the X4, which interprets into velocity and mobility. Yet, despite the fact that the drone can achieve paces of up to 10 mph, its energy remains generally under your control following the quadcopter reacts rapidly to the control sticks.

The quadcopter feels exceptionally thick, weighing 1.5 ounces when it’s prepared to fly. The end of every arm houses an engine and in addition blue and red LED lights that demonstrate the introduction of the drone. These lights show the status of the drone, and additionally, help you discover it in low light.

At the point when the drone is prepared to fly, the greater part of the LEDs are firmly lit. At the point when the battery is running low, the greater part of the LEDs begin to squint as a notice that you have to arrive. The little size and weight likewise make it moderately protected, as it’s unrealistic to harm anybody in the event that it flies wild.

Camera Quality and Video Recording:

The focal point of the camera sits on the front of the body. It catches low-determination 720 x 240-pixel video or 2-megapixel still photo. The drone has the ability to capture and stream a live video of around 100-meter radius.

The Good in HUBSAN X4 FPV:

  • Fast and easy to fly
  • Big screen gives the pilot first-individual perspective
  • Spare parts are shabby and simple to introduce
  • Very flexible

The Bad in HUBSAN X4 FPV:

  • Lackluster video quality
  • Short video signal reach
  • Must process video before altering or transferring

 HUBSAN X4 FPV Pricing:

As a fresher of aerial flying, when you are looking for a drone around $100 then the Hubsan X4 FPV will be a perfect pick for you. Additionally you will also be able to capture photos on using this drone.

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Customers’ Review:

The customers of this product feel that it is lots of fun to play around with it, a great drone for beginners to get a good learning experience. The drone got an overall 60% of positive review and 29% of negetive review. As a resultant the overall customer review of the drone is 3.5 star out of 5.  Read full review here.

 Review Conclusion:

Every drone has something bad and good to count for. HUBSAN X4 FPV is not an exceptional. I generally suggest this drone for beginners’ use. You will find here, few other options of drones for beginner use.

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