How To Fly A Drone Step By Step?

Top Ten Racing DronesPiloting and controlling the drone can be challenging. You need some skill and special techniques to properly pilot it. At first, you will tend to be cautious and clumsy because you are just starting out. As you progress and learn to control the copter, you will find it easier than when you first attempted flying.

Step 1: Transmitter/Remote Controller

The basic step is understanding how the remote controller functions. It has two joysticks, the right and the left. When you adjust the sticks, you transmit a signal to the drone which enables it to move in the direction you want it to. The right joystick controls roll and pitch, i.e. moving forward and backwards as well as sideways. On the other hand, the left joystick controls yaw and throttle, i.e. the clockwise and counterclockwise movements as well as the height at which the drone is flying. The controls also entail of trim buttons which balance out the controls in case they’re off balance.

Step 2: Joysticks

Once you’ve learnt the control functionalities, you could put what you’ve learnt to the test. When starting up, push the sticks gently and this result to slight movements compared if you pushed the sticks too hard, which would result to strong movements. Taking off the drone from the ground being your main objective, you need to know which sticks to use and how they work separately and together.

Step 3: Takeoff

Locate the throttle, which is engaged by pushing the left stick forward and disengaged by pushing it backwards. This controls the height to which the drone elevates to. Place the drone on an even high ground in front of you and make sure that your transmitter is bound to the drone. Push the throttle stick slightly upwards to get the drone off the ground and repeat several times until you are comfortable.

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Step 4: Hovering

Your next target will be hovering the drone in air. To accomplish this throttle the copter to airborne and use the right stick to keep it hovering in air and if need be, use the yaw to keep it away from turning. Use the throttle to keep the copter in air and rising in small inches from the ground. To land the drone, slowly push the throttle backwards and when close enough to the ground, cut the throttle completely and your drone will safely be on the ground.

Step 5: Forward/Backward And Side-To-Side Movements

Flying forward or backwards and right or left is your next mission. Maneuvering your drone in a specific direction is a bit complicated but need not worry because you’ll get it right. Once the drone is in a steady hovering position, to move forward, push the right joystick in the corresponding direction and if moving backwards, do the vice versa. At the same time, keep a check on the throttle cause that’s what is keeping the copter airborne. If you want to fly side-to-side, move the right joystick in right or left directions according to your wish.

It should be noted that when the drone is facing you, the controls are reversed. Therefore, you will note when you push the right stick forward, the drone moves backwards and to the back, it moves forward. As for the left joystick, if pushed to the left, the copter flies to the right while if moved to the right, it rotates in a counterclockwise direction.

Piloting the copter with reversed controls maybe a bit challenging, but practice makes perfect. Otherwise, normal piloting as you’ve seen can really be easy and the more you keep perfecting the technique, the sooner you will be a pro copter pilot.

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