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Cheerson CX-20 Review – An Auto-Pathfinder Drone for Beginners

Cheerson CX-20 also known as auto pathfinder quadcopter. So, as its name suggests us, the drone is very smart and has the ability to fly on its own by GPS tracking. Cheers On Hobby is the modifier of the drone. In the below section you will come to know about all the details of Cheerson CX-20.

Cheerson CX-20 Review

Cheerson CX-20 Drone Review

All the small and big details about Cheerson CX-20 are listed below:

Drone Features

The drone can be used within the 300 meters of the transmitter. In this range you can easily fly the drone without ant worry. This rare type of drone will give you the freedom to control the drone as you want, without losing the connection with the transmitter. Its main features are listed below.

  • Standard flight time
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent flight range
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Automatic Landings on Low Battery
  • In built Return-to-Home feature

So on the above section, you came to know about the features of Cheerson CX 20. But in this section, I will discuss the main features of this drone which makes the real differences between this drone with others. The main features of this drone are, Cheerson CX 20 is equipped with an inbuilt GPS tracking system. This feature makes this quad copter a follow me drone. which means it will follow a target automatically. On the other hand, the drone is really smart, on low battery, it will land down by its own. The drone is also equipped with automatic return to the home facility. So the bottom line is, the drone really does not need any pilot at all, as it is equipped with all the modern feature so that it could fly all alone.

 Cheerson CX-20  Battery Life and Flight Time:

The drone is powered by a 11 volt, 2500 mAg Li-Po battery which will allow you to fly the drone for around 15 minutes. 15 minutes of flying time is really not bad at all. Still if you want to extend the flying time of this drone then it is suggested to buy additional batteries.

Ease of Use and Flying:

The drone can be flown easily. The Drone is not so light weight so it has the ability to not tossing up in the heavy wind. You can fly the drone at a maximum speed of 22 MPH. On the other hand you should not forget one thing. The drone is equipped GPS tracking system and “Return to Home” feature. This facilities makes it rally easy o fly the drone. In fact the drone is also able to fly by its own without any pilot.

Cheerson CX-20 Ease of Use

Camera Quality and Video Recording:

The drone does not come up with a camera. However, you can add a GoPro camera at the bottom of the drone. In the controller you will find a button that will help you to activate the camera.

The Good in Cheerson CX-20

  • Great flight range
  • Low pricing
  • Easy to fly  and control
  • Smart drone
  • Automatic Landing
  • Stylish design

The Bad in Cheerson CX-20

  • Does not come up with an inbuilt camera
  • Flight time can be extended


Cheerson CX-20 Pricing

Cheerson CX-20 is a great drone from others of its kind. The drone offers a great ease of using with standard flight time. The drone also has the auto pathfinder ability. You grab all these facilities if you have the budget of $250.


Cheerson CX-20 Customers’ Review:

The customers of the drone are really satisfied with the performance of the drone. The main reason behind it I think its pricing. The drone offers great facilities in low price. However, I went deep to collect the unsatisfied customers’ review and I got a 28% of 1 star and 10% of 2 star reviews in Amazon. I cannot ignore the good reviews of the product. As Cheerson CX-20 got an overall 37%  of 5 star and 17% of 4 star reviews. Read full review here.

Review Conclusion:

Any drone below $500, I always suggest for amateur use. The drone comes in around $200 – $250. So I think if you want to learn how to fly a drone, then Cheerson CX-20 is ideal for you. So this is the in depth review analysis of Cheerson CX 20. Hope the review was helpful to you and you enjoyed reading it. Still have quarries regarding CX 20? Feel free to contact us by using the comment box below.


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