Top Drones for Beginners, Photography & Commercial Uses

drones for sale with camera

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed and you had searched down half of the Drone Buying guide over internet. Still not sure which drone to buy? Well, finally you have landed at the right place. We've researched a lot and made this list of best drones for sale with camera based on your experience and needs.

If you already know which type of buyer you are? Then use the below "Table of Content" or the below Drone Category section in order to get the ideal drone for you. So the bottom line is, it really does not matter which kind of a buyer you are or which type of drone you need. You will get here the best Beginner drones, photography drones, and commercial drones, all at the same place.

First Identify The Type of Drone you Need!

  • For Beginner   

These film making tools released in 2014 can be utilized to capture the beauty of the most stunning scenes on the planet. Recording footage of cities all across the world can help develop a better understanding for these diverse communities and their passions. Apart from that, recording all most anything from sports to wildlife can help provide a better understanding for the mechanics of say for example American football, to monitoring animals in their natural habitat.

Rio de Janeiro, home of Christ the Redeemer has been uncovered in all its beauty by looking at it from a different perspective, a short video illustrates the football obsessed, inspiring city located in the heart of Brazil.

Best UAV Drone Manufactures in Your Country

Unmanned aircraft vehicle drones can be sourced from various countries around the world, below I have detailed for you the best manufacturers in the USA, Europe and Australia.

  • USA
  • France
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Aerial Technology International. Pilot training online and offline as well as support offers are available for access. Functionality tests and repairs on your drone can also be completed.
  • Drone America. Developed for emergency aid and to help in disasters, Drone America is actively involved in commercial tasks. These include, farming, wildlife, infrastructure and many more.
  • Unmanned Systems Source. Producing an excellent selection of unmanned aircraft vehicles, Unmanned Systems Source are the go to source for parts, components, system and accessories. Support services include technical data, solutions for configuration and all the advice/guidance you need with your drone.

Top 10 Beginner Drones with Camera

If you are a new pilot learning how to fly you, need a drone that will accompany your learning curve and not break at the first mistake you make. All these drones are under $100 and possibly the best drones for beginners on the market.


Syma X51

Cruise control allows drone to cruise at adequate trajectory, lightweight, endurable small frame. LED lights, 6-axis gyro, compact and suitable for beginner. Flight time up to 6 mins. 


Syma X52C

Nano size drone, lightweight and smaller easies the learning curve and makes for enjoyable flight and movement. Intelligent Orientation Control ensures this is possible. 2MP camera ideal for fun footage and recording on the go. 6 axis gyro and LED lights implanted also. Range up to 50m approx. 5 mins flight time. 


Cheerson CX-10W

3MP camera incorporates Wi-Fi available recording features that allows footage to be captured and stored directly to your mobile device. 6-axis gyro system allows for smooth flying and operation. Flying time approx. 4 mins. 


Syma X51 Spaceship with Bonus Battery

LED lights allow for night flying, 6 axis gyro system aids in control even in the strongest winds, it can remain stable. Cruise control feature allows for ease of use and optimizes position in each situation. Flight time approx. 7 mins, range up to 30m. 



6 axis gyro system ensures for easy use and smooth flight, various pilot modes have been integrated to maximise the flying experience. Built in HD camera for any recording or image capturing needs. Flying time approx. 7 mins, range up to 100m. 


Barbit Elite

6-axis gyroscope system integrated, this four motor aircraft has 3 unique modes, flying, running and climbing. Which allow for exciting movements that are recordable with built in HD camera, approx. use time is 8 mins. 


RC Helicopter

6-axle gyroscope allows you to adjust position in motion as required, due to intelligent operating system. Incorporated 0.2 MP camera for basic photography, range up to 60m with battery life approx. 7 mins. Multifunctional drone suitable for the beginner. 


Holy Stone F181

Integrated headless security system ensures you will never lose this drone, range from 50 to 100m, battery life just under 10 minutes, 4 channel transmitter. Another great drone. 



Headless mode enhances the learning process and overrides the need to adjust position. Registration isn’t required, integrated return home function, HD camera included. Great for consistent functionality. Flight time just under 10 mins. 

What are the Top Photography Drones?

These drones are best for recording footage with, or possibly take professional photos? Check out the list below, the first 4 drones are under $1000 and the last 4 are a little more affordable all costing under $500.


Husban X4

Built in GPS ensures your drone will always return home when signal is lost, includes a remote transmitter and HD camera for all of your recording needs.


Traxxas 7908

From three modes to choose from, film mode allows you to capture excellent quality photos and footage, easy control makes for an easy experience, limited previous experience is needed for this drone. With dual mode GPS, features such as return to home and adjusting the position are easily made possible.


DJI Phantom

Pre-setup and ready to use in minutes, before you begin flying. Suitable for outdoor flying with the GPS position system to combat light winds. This quadcopter comes with remote transmitter, equip your GoPro and get recording in minutes!  check all dji phantom reviews.
Also check our drone with camera and gps.


DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Live streaming up to half a mile away using your mobile device. Intelligent battery allows for up to 25 minutes flight time, includes GPS assisted flight features also. 


DJI Phantom 2 Vision

14MP camera with 1080p HD quality, includes camera tilt also. Fly for up to 25 minutes, and utilise the live streaming from up to 980 feet away. 


Yuneec Q500

Record 4K high quality footage, with 1080p video camera recorder. Integrated 3-axis stabilized gamble kit. Grip for steady recording included.


DJI Phantom 3 Professional Pro ; 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

Live streaming to your mobile device at 720p, 4K high quality footage, including 3-axis stabilized gamble kit.



No flying experience is required to fly this ready to pilot drone, it captures smooth, crisp footage in HQ quality, 30 min flight time, as well as quality camera lens to eliminate the fisheye effect.

What are the Top Commercial Drones with Camera?


3DR Robotic solo

The most affordable of the top 5, 3DR Robotic solo provides the user with a 25 minute in flight time, this creates a potential distance of half a mile to be covered. The pilot can also operate the camera whilst in flight as expected, incorporates live HD stream to your mobile devices.


DJI Matrice 100

Intelligent remote with camera settings and pilot controls, superb app to edit camera settings. 3K gimbal stabilized 4K camera, also includes GPS system for indoor and outdoor flying. Approx. 18 mins flight time, can reach altitudes up to 4500m.


The DJI S1000

The DJI S1000 has 8 portable arms making it an easily foldable octocopter, making delivery and smooth transportation an easy process. Designed for commercial uses, a Zenmuse Z15 gimbal was implemented to deal with the heavier camera, such as a cannon 5D Mark II.


DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Built in 12MP camera, smart operating system, providing a live HD quality view, makes smooth flying substantially easy with diligent remote. Integrated 3K gimbal stabilized 4K video. Approx. 23 mins flight time.


DJI Inspire 1 Version 2.

Intelligent remote with camera settings and pilot controls, superb app to edit camera settings. 3K gimbal stabilized 4K camera, also includes GPS system for indoor and outdoor flying. Approx. 18 mins flight time, can reach altitudes up to 4500m. 

3 Top & Newest Drones in this Year!

The most recent and sought after drones to hit the market, have sky rocketed in sales for good reason. The sales and customer reviews speak for themselves, without further ado the drones and their features are:

Syma X5C

Affordable and number 1 best seller, this drone has already begun to make waves in the drone scene and for all the right reasons. Equipped with a HD camera, approx. 7 min flight time and a range of up to 100m. You are sure to get the best of all worlds with this drone. Performs flips at the touch of a finger and suitable for indoor and outdoor, this drone also implements the 6-axis gyro system for a smooth flight.

Barbit Uplay

With Wi-Fi real time transmission for all your recording and photographing desires which you can monitor all from your phone, this drone is really multi-functional. Headless mode makes the learning curve much easier with its intelligent system, includes return home mode and 6-axis gyro system also. Range up to 100m and up to 10 mins flight time, this drone is a hot product on the market for a great price, considering its practicality. 

Ei-Hi S900R

720p camera allows for real time Wi-Fi transmission, ready to stream directly to your mobile. Headless mode allows for intelligent technology, drone will return home with a touch of a button under this function, 6-axis gyro, 3D lock and much more, it combines practicality, and comes at a great price for a drone that has shocked the market already.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure your head is now booming with questions, so many drones to choose from, which is the best for you? It’s important to consider the practicality of each drone, and what you need from it to benefit you. Whether its career enhancing, purely for enjoyment or a hobby you would like to pick up, these FAQs should help clear up a queries you may also have.

What are drones used for?

Drones provide a significant amount of opportunities and are the latest innovation to take the technology market by storm. As touched on earlier, their high functionality allows for a user friendly experience, multiple recording avenues to explore and even live streaming. Drones can be used for delivery of products, spying on others, documenting nature, recording wildlife, or simply for pure fun and enjoyment. But these aren’t the restrictions, practicality of the drones are being put to test every day to enhance the productivity of them. One day we may be able to receive our mail via drones!

Can I buy a drone?

Yes! Anyone can purchase a drone, it is important to note that various drones will require registration to notify that you are the owner of said drone and to allow you to fly it. Buying a drone couldn’t be easier, with the access to products online and highly reputable companies such as Amazon, providing great descriptions and reviews. Or unlike all you can consider to build your own drone.

What are the Types of drones

  • Airplane drone – Remotely piloted, these heavy duty aircrafts are multifunctional. Octocopters and quadcopters provide the opportunity to record the best footage, with high quality cameras, or even attach your own camera, you really can get your money’s worth. They integrate GPS, IOC, and many more features to maximise your experience, quite an advanced drone at that. If money isn’t a problem this may be the perfect drone for you.
  • Micro drone – These small, lightweight, compact drones are great for learning how to pilot a drone, and master many of its movements. Don’t be fooled by size, these nano drones can be as stable and effective as the heavy duty ones, it is more than user friendly also.
  • GPS controlled drone – Features such as Intelligent Orientation Control, or Headless mode are both made possible with GPS implemented into drones. GPS provides the known location of your drone, it can help the drone return to home if it exceeds its range. GPS means an accurate flight path can be taking when controlling these drones.
  • Helicopter drone with camera – Many drones have built in cameras to allow for capturing images and aerial footage, the drones can range in camera quality from 0.3MP to 12MP, the same quality of an iPhone 6s camera. These cameras also allow for live streaming to your mobile device through Wi-Fi transmission.

Where to buy drones?

This is easy, the internet. Virtually everything can be purchased of the internet and with good reason, great products can be sourced all around the globe and delivered to your front door.

Your best bet is Amazon, with prime delivery you could be flying in no time. A reputable company that provides no biased customer reviews and honest product descriptions, amazon simplifies the buying process, helping you to make an informed decision before you spend your hard earned cash.

Amazon also value their customers very much, so if you ever have any queries or questions to do with your products, you can be sure your seller will be determined to ensure you have a positive experience with their product.

How to fly a drone as a newbie?

Before flying consider:

  1. Find an open space to fly, such as a park or field.
  2. Fly in the morning time to avoid windy conditions.
  3. Fly alone to avoid distractions or potential harm to anyone.
  4. Take it slow and learn to master the piloting controls.

How to control the drone:

  1. Roll moves the drone left and right.
  2. Pitch moves the drone forward and backwards.
  3. Yaw rotates the drone.
  4. Throttle controls the up and down axis.

Learn more on how to fly by visiting this guide on flying a drone

What about Flying with a camera

It is important that you have experience in drone flying before mounting your own camera, or using a drone that has its own camera installed. It can be difficult to learn the movements to produce footage that flows smoothly, so be sure to master a more novice drone first. Remember to enable live streaming, so you don’t miss any valuable footage whilst you’re on the go!

Tips for Flying as a hobby

It is recommended that if you are a drone newbie, you should invest in a lower cost, affordable drone. So you can master the basics. If you’re experienced you can skip this step. If you want to fly for entertainment be sure to register first if necessary to stay out of trouble. Try to fly on your own, or with close friends to avoid any harm to pedestrians, or damage to your drown. Learn the drone’s maximum range and keep an eye on this distance to ensure safety for yourself and those around you, as well as your precious drone.

To sum it up, you should now have a great understanding of drones, their functionality and many of their practical uses. This guide has taught you the different types of drones, how to source potential training in various countries, where to buy the best drone for you and where to learn to fly! A step-by-step guide to get you up and flying in no time, be sure to take all points into consideration before you make your next drone purchase. featured on huffingtonpost and buzfeed